Protech Paint & Body works with all insurance companies and can arrange for car rental if needed during your vehicle’s repair time.

Pro Tech uses the Pro Spray brand paint system and we mix our paint on property.  We do repair and refinish work on most vehicles, but please be advised that we do not have a frame machine therefore if your vehicle requires a frame pull, we would have to send it our the be pulled before repairs can be made.  We know that your time is valuable to you, and we understand that having your vehicle is very important to you.  We try to schedule our vehicles so that we have them the least amount of days possible.  In many cases, we order and receive the parts for a vehicle before it even arrives for repairs!  That way we are not wasting valuable days waiting for parts.  (Of course, if your vehicle is not drivable and a tow is required, we will gladly accept the vehicle at that time and begin the repair process immediately!)

Here at Pro Tech, we take pride in doing the job right the first time.